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Keep your concrete surfaces clean with pressure washing or soft washing.

Concrete driveways, walkways, and patios are common on residential and commercial properties, and while they may be incredibly durable, they are still exposed to the elements throughout the year. This constant exposure leaves them vulnerable to dirt, grime, and contaminants that not only diminish the beauty of the surfaces but also damage them over time. If you want your concrete surfaces to last as long as possible, professional concrete cleaning is a worthwhile investment.

Concrete Cleaning in Mentor, Ohio

At Clearview SoftWash, we provide high-quality concrete cleaning services for homes and businesses in Mentor, Ohio. Whether you have a small concrete area that needs cleaning or expansive walkways that need attention, we have the capacity to meet your needs.

There are multiple ways to approach concrete cleaning. For stubborn buildup and stains, we may use pressure washing, as it can apply the force that is needed to remove deeply embedded dirt from porous surfaces. Another approach is to use soft washing, which is a gentler exterior cleaning method that is highly effective against organic growth like mold, mildew, algae, moss, and bacteria. In fact, this is the method we recommend if any of these particular contaminants are present on your concrete. Soft washing’s water-based, biodegradable chemicals are what will kill those microorganisms and delay their regrowth, whereas pressure washing merely blasts away the evidence of them while leaving their roots intact. With soft washing, you can enjoy longer-lasting results.

Concrete cleaning can boost your curb appeal and protect your outdoor surfaces. It also minimizes the risk of accidents, which can occur if slippery contaminants are allowed to remain on your concrete. Contact us today to schedule concrete cleaning and enjoy exceptional results.