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Welcome to Clearview Window and Gutter Cleaning! We began operations on May 1, 2001, as a service-oriented business with primary focus on raising the curb appeal of residential dwellings. Our services include Window Cleaning, House Washing, Power Washing and Roof Cleaning. Over time, we have expanded into commercial and industrial markets with continued success and growth. As of 2017, we’ve expanded into the construction field, providing the additional support services contractors need to complete projects on-time and on-budget.



I have worked with Clearview Window and Gutter Cleaning for the past 7 years for gutter cleaning as well as window cleaning. Terry and his crew have been responsive, dependable and provide superior service. There is always a timely response & action if a concern arises such as gutters getting clogged between cleanings. The service is dependable - they respond to requests for service and come when they say they will come. The work the crew does is thorough and they always clean up after themselves (sometimes even after me leaving the premises cleaner than how they found them!). Best of all, they are a friendly crew that we welcome as friends. Highly recommend Clearview!

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Power Washing

Our Pressure Washing services can clean just about anything from driveways, decks, house, rust removal and much more with our professional-grade equipment and proper technique. We'll bring your home back to life!
Power Washing

House Washing

Our house washing services help in removing algae and stains from your home. A house that is totally clean certainly looks bright which helps improve your overall mood and certainly adds value to your home.
House Washing

Roof Cleaning

We use high-quality washing techniques and tools. Our industry-standard detergents and cleaning agents help in cleaning the roof thoroughly without damaging the roof in any manner. You can be sure we will remove all tough algae stains from your roof.
Roof Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Windows in our homes are considered to be one of the most vital and critical fixtures and fittings in our homes. To enjoy clean windows that are fully free from dust, dirt and other debris even during winter months or rainy seasons employ our window cleaning services!
Window Cleaning

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Kathi Dillon​


Pressure Cleaning Florida

I love Clearview, because they arrive when they say they are going to be there on time, so you don’t have to sit around all day wondering when they will be there. They do an amazing job, pressure cleaning and clean up after themselves, They can be counted on to go the extra mile and make sure you are happy with your service.

Jeremy Sheehan


Pressure Washing In Florida

Could not be happier with Clearview Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing. They Courteous, efficient, and professional. I use them twice a year for maintenance and then sometimes before big parties. Nothing makes a home look better than a Clear View!

Ken Bossin


Pressure Washing Service In Florida

I could not be happier with the work that was done by Clearview. They are neat, clean, efficient and their work was unbelievable. I already plan on using them again for cleaning the siding of my house and other pressure washing. They do quality work and I will recommend them to anyone who will listen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Soft washing is an alternative choice to pressure/power washing that does not make use of destructive high pressure. Soft washing extensively cleans surfaces as well as kills the microbes that are the root source of staining on roofings and also various other building surfaces.

Soft washing was created over twenty years ago. It has been extensively checked and it has actually been used in predominant Florida hotels, such as Disney, Universal Studios, and public setups. Additionally, over 100,000 roofings have actually been efficiently cleaned using Soft Washing.

Soft washing gets rid of the microbes that create tarnishing, whereas pressure washing merely washes off the surface layer. Furthermore, soft washing does not use destructive high pressure, unlike pressure washing, and soft washing treatments last much longer than pressure washing treatments.

Generally, a soft washing treatment will last at the very least 4 times as long as pressure washing, before tarnishing reoccurs. In many instances, our treatments last much longer than one year.

Microbes such as mold, mildew, algae, lichen, and bacteria are accountable for the majority of discoloration on roofing systems as well as other surfaces. In addition, results of the metabolism of these microorganisms is acidic, and also destructive to surfaces such as roof shingles. Eradicating these microorganisms protects against staining and enhances the durability of roofings, fencings, and also decks.

The cleansing remedies made use of in our SoftWash System are 100% eco-friendly and have extremely low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions. Our cleansing services are non-toxic and will not release any type of dangerous chemicals into the area surrounding your property.

Soft Washing is even more eco friendly compared to pressure/power washing, for the following factors:

  • All of our cleaning solutions are 100% eco-friendly.
  • Our cleansing options have extremely low VOCs.
  • We only use 1/3 the water of pressure washing.
  • Our cleanings last four to six times longer compared to pressure washing, so cleaning is not required as frequently.
  • Our SoftWash Systems cleanings protect products, such as roof shingles, conserving customers money, and also creating less waste in landfills brought on by debris associated with roofing, fence, and deck replacement.

Along with roof coverings, we cleanse all kinds of building siding, decks, fences, concrete as well as brick surfaces. Soft washing could be utilized on all types of building products consisting of timber, brick, concrete, aluminum, vinyl siding, shingles, and much more!

We completely assure all our work. We have a 5 year warranty with any roof cleaning!

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