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Give your deck a new lease on life with deck washing services from our team.

Decks are more than just private outdoor areas. They are extensions of your home, providing you with a place to unwind, entertain, and create memories. However, decks can suffer from the onslaught of weather over time, which leaves them eroded, discolored, and occasionally ignored. This is when professional deck washing services can help. Our team at Clearview SoftWash can assist with your deck washing needs in the Mentor, OH area so that your deck always looks its best.

Deck Washing in Mentor, OH

There are several harsh elements that decks need to withstand, including strong sunshine, rain, snow, dirt, and mold. If neglected, these components may result in irreversible harm to the structural integrity and appearance of your deck. UV rays can cause your deck’s vivid colors to fade, while mildew and moisture can cause rot and weaken the wood. Debris and dirt can pose a safety risk in addition to destroying the deck’s aesthetic appeal.

A clean deck also promotes safety. When damp, the accumulation of moss, algae, and other slick materials on the surface can make walking on it a hazard. By eliminating these slippery components, deck washing makes your outside area safer for you, your loved ones, and your visitors.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to deck washing, which is why our team will take the time to fully assess your deck’s needs before creating a cleaning plan. If you’ve noticed that you’re using your deck less or that it’s looking worn-out, contact our team today to see how we can help.