Why Window Cleaning Should Always Be on Your Presale To-Do List

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Many home sellers focus on two major areas of their home’s exterior: the landscaping and the siding. While these two elements are certainly important, that doesn’t mean you should ignore other aspects of your home’s exterior prior to listing your home.

Why Window Cleaning Should Always Be on Your Presale To-Do List

Here at Clearview SoftWash, we highly recommend investing in professional window cleaning services. Below, we’ll explore some of the ways that this often-overlooked detail can impact your home sale.

  • Create a Better First Impression – Dirty, streaked windows give off a feeling of neglect, even if the rest of the house is perfectly maintained. Clean, clear windows create a brighter, positive atmosphere and helps signal to buyers that your home is well cared for.
  • Promote Transparency – Investing in window cleaning prior to selling your home helps show that you care about the small details, which can foster a sense of transparency and honesty that prospective buyers will appreciate.
  • Boost Appraisal Value – Your home appraiser takes many aspects into consideration, including the visual appeal of your property. Professional window cleaning services prior to your appraisal appointment can help you put your best foot forward.
  • Sell Faster – While we won’t claim that window cleaning will guarantee a fast sale, a home that appears move-in ready is extremely appealing to buyers. The fewer chores that a buyer will have to perform after they move in, the more likely you will secure a quick sale.

Whether you plan on putting your home on the market now or in a few years, investing in professional window cleaning is a wise choice that can help you secure a good sale when the time comes. Reach out to our team today if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment!